City Year. Give a Year. Change the World.

City Year. Give a Year. Change the World.City Year was founded on the belief that young people can change the world. City Year’s vision is that one day a year of service will become an opportunity for and common expectation of every young person. City Year is a diverse group of 17 to 24 year old adults that go out and do community service. There is a weekly stipened and a scholorship opportunity provided through Americorps. This is a full time thing and works just like a job you can get written up. I believe there is drug testing as well but don’t take me up on that. City Year builds character you are put in groups of people that you would not neccisarily chosen as a friend but they end up as a friend any way. City Year is not easy. I grew up in a house of domestic violence and a few times I had to sit through workshops on domestic violence. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done. I ended in tears. When I was a member Columbine happened. We all sat down to talk about it. We all worked in schools or with children so it was a scarry time for us. I think evey one should do City Year for the challenge and the people you meet.

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