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Just a refresher for me

Building a community library is a lot of work. First, you need a place to put books like a community center or if you can get someone to donate property. Next, you will need wood, nails, hammers, saws, drills, sandpaper wood putty and paint because you are going to be building shelves unless you can get someone to donate them. When your shelves are put up you’re going to need books. When the libraries book sale is over that’s a great time to call. Friends of the Library donated nearly 3,000 books to my project. Put ads in the paper stating that you’re a non-profit and you’re building a library in a high- risk area and then you’ll be ready to go. Go here to figure out how to build your bookcase http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=howTo&p=Build/bookshlv.html