Second Hand Stores

What is the purpose of a second hand store? To help the needy. I goes further than this though. Some offer tutoring and mentoring, resume writing, and other career related topics, even karate class for disadvantaged kids. There is a YWCA second hand store that goes for elderly services, Goodwill has job training Salvation army in my area helps with food and a few other things. Churches have second hand stores too that offer financial services and some other things as well. What is it like working at one? If you love to go through other people’s stuff it’s fun. You sort through clothes to see if buttons are missing or there are holes and stains. This is done to determine pricing. Some of it is so bad off it just gets tossed. You can volunteer sometimes to trade for a service such as a tutor for your child. If you don’t want to volunteer your shopping helps provide materials for these services such as books on careers, food, and shelter and you can find great deals. I found new in the box an Arizona Jean Co. Barbie for $4.00. So, HAPPY HUNTING!

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