Proof Positivity: Defining Moments


  • People cross the Bering Strait to enter what is now Alaska or so the assumption goes.
  • Man lands on the moon.
  • Micheal Jackson becomes the king of pop and marries The King’s daughter
  • Hattie Mcdaniel becomes the first black Academy Award winner

My defining moment isn’t nearly so grand to the world but to me it is. As a blogger that’s new I’ve had quite a few of them. I started with creating a web site and it was far too complex for me I’m not technical at all. That’s when I found blogger. Everything other than written word is copy and paste. I don’t have to put anything inside brackets or a body or anything. I began My Thoughts . My thoughts was an experiment run. To get traffic I googled free classified ads and I put an ad in at Search Sight  and created a Zimbio account.  Through Zimbio I ran into The Fearless Blogger  anyhow I created another blog that’s in limbo and I rarely go to it. Then, I created The Heart of a Mom In memory of my gram who passed away. I wrote in a discussion on Blog Catalog that I would do Proof Positivity for free because that is my dream. The Fearless Blogger asked so, what’s stopping you? I thought that’s a good question what is stopping me? Proof Positivity was born. I have had a lot of support through this. From my viewers and other BC members.

I have two defining moments where this blog is concerned. The first was a contest that I ran on the BC. I made it a 2 hour long contest the prize was a link on all 3 of my sites that I blog for I actually have 4 but one I don’t use. The winner was bsilvia  I wasn’t sure anyone would want to do it because of the “if it bleeds it leads” mentality. I did study journalism I do know how it all works and I’m tired of the attitude that journalist are supposed to be objective therefore your opinion doesn’t matter. Well, here’s my opinion the news is too violent. Do I want my kids watching it? No. Do I think they need to know what’s going on in the world? Yes. This is my answer. My second defining moment was from a designer I don’t think this person is a BC member I think she just stumbled upon my site and I am grateful that she did. I love my new layout. I had been admiring everyone that has 3 columns on their blog and I had some crowding issues too. She offered to redo my blog for free. Talk about a total random act of kindness.  This is where you need to go to visit the designer. It made me feel good that someone took time out of their day to just find me. So, they aren’t historic I doubt it will change the course of history but it will change the course of Proving there is Positivity in the world.