To Be A Good Citizen

There is a program called the Giraffe Heroes Project aimed at kids as young as 5. Giraffe Heroes are people who stick their necks out for the common good. It encourages students to copy people who are doing good deeds, to treat each other well, and to take a community problem and try to change it. The kids did everything from getting donations to obtaining publicity. Are you ready to go to a virtual party?

Character Counts offers downloadable lesson plans that focus on responsibility and fairness. The site offers information on global warming , how to comply with state educational standards, and more.

A site that states “Fighting childhood cancer one cup at a time,” Your child can create their own lemonade stand and donate it. It provides opportunities for schools as well.

I know this video is sad I have it on here because, and I hate to say it, something good came from this child’s illness.