A little piece of me: What about a doodle day?

A little piece of me: What about a doodle day? This site belongs to a fellow blogger who likes to doodle. There is a very interesting opportunity to doodle for charity. So, go check it out.

http://www.artistshelpingchildren.org/ This site used to be a non-profit but can no longer work as such due to some new provisions. Their mission is to bring color and fun to children in hospitals. They paint murals in hospitals. It discusses how your child can help out by providing little art supplies bags.

http://www.aowinc.com/Home.html I used to do community service at Art On Wheels. This is a wonderful program. When I worked with Carolina Martin we were at the Art Museum teaching to people with mental retardation. I’ll not say a lot on it today but I urge you to visit.

Other things to discuss

I talked to a lawyer yesterday and they are supposed to call me back concerning Proof Positivity. They said if no one calls by Thursday to speak to someone on Friday. So, I sit and wait.

I will be preparing for Proof Positivities first broadcast. I will be borrowing my mom’s video camera. It might be 2 or 3 weeks before you get to see it so be patient.

Girl’s survival a family miracle This child was given a death sentence the doctor told her she would be lucky to reach her 5th birthday.

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