Don’t throw it out!

Here’s my plug for the enviroment. There are a lot of things that I don’t do right enviromentally. There are some things that I do do right. The plastic from a six pack of pop I cut that up so it doesn’t end up on an animal and kill it. My newspaper may not end up at a paper plant but my kids do use it to paint on or do word search. Toys usually end up at a second hand store I don’t throw things out unless it’s real bad. Here’s one that I think might intrest you. Throwing you’re electronics out is bad for the enviroment. They are toxic so why not donate them. For those of you who don’t know once your phone is dead you are able to call 911 this will help your phone get to someone living with domestic violence

you can donate your computer. United way gives you downloadable program to wipe out your computer This will get your computer to a needy kid This next one is a list of places to donate your computer

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