Great American Bake Sale

Domino Sugar and C&H have teamed up in an effort to end childhood hunger. In the USA 13 million children are hungry. It’s a shame that in America something like that would be a fact. There are 15 million children who live in poverty. In America we take for granted the things that we have. My own children are not hungry but I don’t shop for top of the line brands. I buy generic and discount grocery stores. I can’t imagine my own children going hungry. It would hurt to be a parent and not be able to take care of my kids. One of the solutions I found was The Great American Bake Sale. Their goal is to maske sure all American kids have enough healthy food to eat every day. You can go directly to the site by clicking on the link above. You can hold a bake sale from now until June 30th.

Food Research and Action Center will be holding an annual benifit June 11, 2008 the proceeds from the dinner benefits FRAC’s Campaign to end childhood hunger you can call 202-986-2200 for mor information or go here:


Tribca Film Festival

Here is the web address for Tribca Film Festival
I think it’s great these kids are finding a voice through film. I think that these kids will always remember the influences of the people teaching these classes. I don’t think the teachers or funders know what kind of influence they have over their students. My broadcast studio at my high school was funded by a cable company from there we had telethons from 4:00-10:00 PM . It was so awesome that people cared enough to keep us going. These kids Have to be feeling the same way.