When my first child was born we lived 70 miles from the hospital. I spent 4 days trying to get him here before the doctors ordered a c-section. Something wasn’t right. It took a full day for him to finish a bottle. That’s not normal. The next day I was told he has seizures. I was heartbroken and I resented every woman who had a baby that could visit them. Mine was in the NICU (newborn intensive care unit). I had to visit him. I couldn’t take it I demanded to leave the hospital that day. I could have stayed an extra day but every time I heard a baby cry that wasn’t my own I cried. I was sent to Ronald McDonald House with my fiance. The people were so nice and every one had a different story. I saw ivy needles inserted into my babies head, arms, even his feet. I had to agree to an MRI and a spinal tap to figure out the cause of the seizures. My son was given a neurologist who told me he expected the problem to be gone in six months and it was. We had six months with him on a drug called phenobarbital. Without it he wouldn’t have eaten. He was a low birth weight baby so we had to try to fatten him up before he was out of the danger zone. Baby’s in the NICU need special care you cannot take your baby home without a CPR class.

He has outgrown the seizures. The grim prediction of the neurologist seems to hold no weight. He told me it could cause disabilities or delays but he is ahead of his class. He is a normal healthy boy and he has no clue that he ever had seizures.

A few sites to look at: Ronald McDonald House

March of Dimes

Infant CPR

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