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Building self-esteem start as at an early age a child needs to know they are loved unconditionally no matter what kind of mischief they get into. They need attention to feel worthwhile. Really listen to what they have to say. Make your child a priority let them know you are there for them. I’m not perfect let your child know when you are wrong. They need to understand that mistakes do happen.

As adult we need help with our self-esteem too so, here are a few sites for building self-esteem:

This first one is a site that has a quiz for women

I scored 56% said my self-esteem still needs some work.

Your self-esteem is something that you carry with you every minute of every day, hence it is having a constant and profound effect on your state of happiness and sense of emotional well being.
When your self-esteem is in good shape you feel great and life seems fantastic. But when your self-esteem is low you start to struggle with yourself and use up a lot of emotional energy – and your quality of life ALWAYS suffers as a consequence.
So, just imagine how you would feel if you tapped into ALL of your self-esteem potential and made the most of the REAL YOU. Imagine holding your head up high every day, feeling confident and self-assured in every social situation, managing to cope with anything that life throws at you – and still having enough energy left to enjoy life to the full!
This may sound like a dream to you right now but, believe me, it’s a dream that CAN come true for you – not by luck, but simply by learning and using some straightforward techniques that are proven to have helped thousands of women feel better about themselves and achieve more in their lives.
Even if life feels OK right now, by working on your self-esteem you could lift your spirits even higher than they are today!
Now let’s take a look at your Self-esteem Profile so that we can understand where to start making things better.

The chart above illustrates your Self-esteem Profile, broken down into FIVE FOCUS AREAS – all of which are fundamental to your self-esteem. We know this because our very latest research shows that women who focus on doing well in these five areas have higher self-esteem than women who don’t.
Our aim is to help all women to achieve at least 12 points – and preferably upwards of 15 points – in each of the five focus areas.
now let’s focus on YOU!
Take another look at the bars in your chart at the top of this page:
Four of your scores fall below 15 points
That suggests that you may be struggling to believe in yourself and that your confidence is likely to be fluctuating from day to day. Wouldn’t it feel great if you could remove some of those doubts about yourself and change a few things right now – things that are stopping you from making the most of your life?
how can we help you?
The first step is for you to complete our very simple sign-up process to give us your permission to store your data so that we can create a free personalized Self-esteem eReport for you to download straight away.
Then we can continue to tune-in to your individual situation and provide you with the best possible help to improve your self-esteem. Yes, you’re just a few mouse clicks away from knowing precisely what to do to change your life for the better – exciting, isn’t it?
And remember, you’ve nothing to lose by taking this next step because you can unsubscribe at any time, after which we will not contact you again.

Help your child build self-esteem:


It’s All About Community

I believe wholeheartedly in community service. This is something anyone can do no matter how much you make. To tell a child he/ she is special takes no money. It takes a village to raise a child. To give someone your clothes that you no longer use takes no money and you were just going to throw them in the garbage anyway. If you donate your things it’s a tax deduction. Recycle your electronics they have chemicals that are bad for the environment and you may think your computer is slow but the child that has never owned one doesn’t know the difference.

Tax deduction info