Child Abuse

I am a member of blog catalog and I’ve begun a group called Resolving Child Abuse This group is open to all. So, please come and visit me.


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  1. Proof Positivity is a blog that, one day, will be much more than just a blog. It’s an opportunity for children of all ages to find their voice through positive news.

    The definition line of your blog challenged me to thinking on what could be picked up by other from mine. Thank you for the opportunity to find my voice through leaving my hearty THANK YOU to you.
    While thinking on what could be named as mine positive news, I recognized the mourning in my “artistry”. Thus your statement became the medicine to me. So I address you as a patient his doctor now – THANK YOU for the recovery.
    Respectfully yours

  2. I tried to find that group but it takes me to the main groups page. Can you re-post the link? For some reason I couldn’t paste it out of the shoutbox either.

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