I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear

A white naped mangabey monkey that is only three weeks old has been seperated from her real mother since birth as her mother is recovering from having a caesarean birth at London Zoo.This may not sound interesting but becomes interesting until you find out that being motherless isn’t worrying the three week old white naped mangabey monkey as she has become best friends with a teddy bear that zoo keepers have given her.Yes, yes the tiny primate is enjoying the comfort of a big fluffy teddy bear that she is using as a replacement to its mother for the time being. It seems that this little monkey is more than happy with her motherly replacement so is not getting lonely during her time away from her real mother.It seems that the endangered species of white naped mangabey monkey’s have managed to increase their number by one very cute and adorable little female who has a teddy bear for a mother!

Written By: Guy Marlow

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