Time For Disaster Relief Help

Saturday May 2, 2008 Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar. The government raised the death toll to 22,500 killed in the storm and over 40,ooo missing. Water is now contaminated and the people of Myanmar will need some resources. Here is how you can help:
Visit International Medical Corps http://www.imcworldwide.org/content/article/detail/1759/
and donate your money will go toward medical supplies, blankets, water purification tablets, sanitation items and hygiene kits.
Google is raising funds http://www.google.com/myanmarcyclone/
World Vision http://www.worldvision.org/Worldvision/eappeal.nsf/egift-disaster-response-southern-asia-cyclone-relief?OpenForm&campaign=11365555&cmp=KNC-11365555
Americares http://www.americares.org/newsroom/news/responding-to-myanmar-disaster.html?s_src=cpc_google&s_subsrc=ic_mynamar&gclid=COra_6zNlpMCFQIIFQodg2Imew
MercyCorps http://www.mercycorps.org/topics/emergencies/2150?source=1054&gclid=COPF19jNlpMCFRZ1FQod-jAmew


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  1. That’s very good initiation SSB. Yes, we should help those who are badly suffered by the disastrous cyclone.

  2. I don’t watch the news and because of this I’m a few days behind. I don’t want my kids seeing all the bad stuff. I’m a firm believer in helping out where I can and since I truly don’t have money maybe I can direct people who do. It’s a tragity in Burma and it will never be right again but it can be made a little better.

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