Nationwide Foster Care Prayer Vigil For Domestic Orphans

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month
What can you do?

Join us at the national First Annual Foster Care Prayer Vigil

As you know may know the Corbett family, founders of Ark of Hope For Children, have always had a heart for domestic orphans. Currently with 10 children, 5 which were adopted from foster care, their hearts over flow towards all of the children that must live in U.S. foster care for their own safety. You also know of their passion to build a community in High Springs, Florida where siblings from foster care will be able to stay together while in care. Recently were encouraged and blessed by joining agencies from around the world in the fourth annual "Orphan Summit." Now it is our pleasure to join with these united agencies in the first annual national Foster Care Prayer Vigil.

Across the U.S. Christians will petition God on behalf of the 514,000 domestic orphans living in our nation’s foster care system and their caretakers. During the week of May 19 – 25 Christians will unite in a multi-denominational effort to call the believers in their city together to pray on behalf of the foster children in their state. In the Gainesville, High Springs area of North Central Florida join together to interceded in guided prayer with Ark of Hope For Children.

To locate a foster care prayer vigil elsewhere in the U.S. click Hope For Orphan’s Prayer Vigil National Locator Map.

Every city has them. They aren’t obvious by the way they look, or even by the way they talk or act. You may very well have walked by one today without suspecting it. They are our nation’s foster children. Children come into the U.S foster care system for various reasons, including neglect, abuse, abandonment, and substance abuse by their primary caregivers. They are most often placed with complete strangers, and nearly every aspect of their lives is decided by adults who don’t really know them.

The bottom line is this; These children are hurting deeply and they need prayer. So do the adults in their lives—their birth families, their foster families, their social workers and the agencies they work for. Join with us as we join God in His mission to redeem the lost and heal the broken. Won’t you join Ark of Hope For Children and dozens of other agencies and churches across the U.S. to intercede on their behalf?

Ark of Hope For Children
May 22, 2008 – 6:30 till 8:30pm
at Living Faith Fellowship Church
5510 NW 39th Ave., Gainesville, FL

Click here to visit our news page on our website for all of the details!


To locate a foster care prayer vigil elsewhere in the U.S. click Hope For Orphan’s Prayer Vigil National Locator Map.


The national Foster Care Prayer Vigil efforts are organized and promoted by;

Family Life’s "Hope For Orphans"

Focus On The Family

Steven Curtis Chapman’s "Shaohannah’s Hope"

Be a blessing and be blessed,   Blair Corbett, Ark of Hope For Children


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