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Hello All,
Like Amber before me, I am also new to the Proof Positivity team. My name is Nards and I am thrilled to be a contributor to this most uplifting effort. As the mother of an almost nine year old, I am constantly on the lookout for educational material that is colorful, thought provoking, challenging and FUN! I am pleased to call your attention to the United States National Gallery of Art. Be sure to visit the NGAKids link.

“The Art Zone” features an activity zone where a child (or a child at heart) can interactively create art online. Lots of fun for everyone! But be careful…you just might learn something! – Enjoy -Nards


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  1. Hello Nards,
    You have posted posted a cool link. I checked it out and it’s great for kids of all ages, as well as, for those of us who remain young at heart. 😉

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