Proof Positivity: Lisa Smith-Batchen: My 810 Miles to save the kids!!!!

Lisa Smith-Batchen: My 810 Miles to save the kids!!!! AIDS Orphans Rising

Lisa Smith-Batcher is the only American to win Marathon des Sables 6 day stage race across the Sahara. 100% of the proceeds from the “Badwater Double” will go to children who have been orphaned because of the AIDS virus. This run begins July 9th.
Thank you. I am deeply honored you must be terribly busy. That’s cool that will give me a little more time to research and do a really good post to go along w/ the interview.

Good morning Shirley! Again, thank you for the opportunity:) You bet I am so, so busy but who isn’t right? We must do what we can when we can and at the end of the day know that what we have done is enough..God willing
1.) You are very inspirational What inspired you to be an endurance athlete? Did your childhood have anything to do with it? thank you. I have the very good fortune of having 2 wonderful parents, 3 older brothers and a younger sister. my father worked a great deal of my childhood so it was my mother who would drive all 5 kids all over the place to different sports..I was able to try everything from ballet, tap, jazz dance to ice hockey!! I was always good at sports but I feel it was my fathers dedication to his job and my mothers dedication to make sure her kids had every and any opportunity possible. As I got older it was sad for me that my father always worked and never came to see me in any sports. I thought the better I got, the more I did that he would sure come to see me. Well this went on for many years and little did I know, he may have never come to watch but he was always my #1 fan and still is today:) endurance has been a progression and I love to be able to go long, slow and take my time. It is much more gratifying to me than having to go fast:) My mother is my inspiration, raising 5 children, she has more energy than I do on a given day and I find it hard to keep up with her although she does not enjoy any sports except walking! Having 4 other siblings we were all in sports growing up. 3 older brothers was very good incentive for me to try and keep up! Both of my parents always told me that you can be and do anything you want. Hard work pays off. You can be average, good or great at anything. to be average takes little effort, to be good takes some time and effort, to achieve greatness requires, hard work, effort, time and a life time of dedication. I choose to strive towards greatness and God willing it will take a lifetime but it is worth it.

2.) Your organization, Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventures, helps athletes of all abilities conquer the toughest running events how do you overcome the “I can’t do this” factor? There have been things in my life where I feel like I cant do this and it is charged by fear,,,the fear of failure of just sheer fear. I really feel we can over come any and every obstacle in life if we choose greatness and to strive for this. I tell everyone who comes to dreamchasers that you can DO ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING your heart wants to do…you just have to be committed and have the desire to follow through. We will help you with the steps to make it happen..You might be first or you might be last but you can get where you want to go..first or last we are all winners for just showing up to the starting line!!!Sometimes we don’t reach our dream or goal but this is due to an obstacle in your way and sometimes this is meant to is the trying the doing and giving your all that is rewarding and then it is the getting back on your feet and trying again!!! We have people from all walks of life come to us and it is a great joy and so rewarding to watch so many go from the couch to running or walking through the Sahara desert or walk a 5k, marathon, loose 100 pounds…Wow..this is great stuff:)

3.) You are going to be running 302 miles and then cycling 508 more through the Nevada and California deserts with temperatures of up to 130 degrees. What do you think of when you are in the middle of these challenges as you’re running? In 2006 we raised close to $300,000 miles. When the going got tough my sister Julie put her hand on my shoulder and said..look up at the amazing sky and all the stars..there were shooting stars all over the place and the sky was lite with thousands of stars all twinkling.Julie (sister) said..Lisa each one of those stars is a child that we are saving and they are all thanking you and us for doing this for them! I say us because I may be the one on my feet for over 300 miles but it takes a team (crew) of people to make it happen. I smiled and thought about all the kids we were going to save, feed and that would have an opportunity because we were doing something about it. I will and do suffer in these events, the pain does come, the sleep deprivation is difficult, my feet ache and hurt but my heart, mind and soul know that God willing this is short term and that my suffering will pass once I finish. I will be able to go home to a nice shower and soft bed, sit in a restaurant and eat a good meal. These women and children might be sleeping in a box tonight on the road or under a tree with no blanket. They may walk for 2 days just to find food to feed them self. They suffer each day and it is not by choice. So I feel and my crew feel that we are making a difference, we can all make a difference with just a little effort of giving on yourself

4.) This run is to raise money for AIDS Orphans Rising. Can you tell me a little about this organization?I am going to let Sister Marybeth answer this question so that it is complete:)

Dear Shirley…thanks so much for helping Lisa and all the good she is trying to do for the children… our Community …The Religious Teachers Filippini for more than 300 years have been helping poor women and children .not only to survive but how to have a successful lives. In 2010 we will be celebrating 100 years of helping the women and children of the United States. We came to Trenton, NJ in 1910 at the request of Pope PiusX to help the Italian immigrants. Today the Sisters serve in ten countries helping countless women and children. The mission countries that need the most help are Albania, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Brazil and India. One of our biggest challeges is helping the orphans from Aids stay together as a family. The children need a place to live, food, clothing and an educaton that will help them not just survive but have great productive lives. By 2010 there will be 25 million orphans from AIDS. There will be 470,000 new orphans from Aids in Ethiopia just this year! The numbers are staggering. Lisa is helping us to help the orphans in Ethiopia. They are struggling ot stay together as a family. And we want them to succeed. read more..

5.) How much have you raised? I wish I had an idea of 100% how much I have raised but I am going to say over all the years it has to be close to 1.5 million total..So far since May 1st we have raised over $140,000 and our goal is $500,000!

6.) How long will this run last days/ weeks? myself and the crew (team) will meet in Las Vega on July 7th and I will start to run on Wed. July 9th at 9am. I will run until Friday the 11th about 160 miles..straight through and end up at badwater which is the starting line of the official race. the race starts on Monday morning at 10am and then I will finish the entire (it is looking more like 310 miles) on about 1 week to do all of this. Take a look at the web site but wait until should then have the map and much more information up on it:)

7.) When you have finished your 810 mile course, because I’m curious and a little off the wall, what is the first thing you plan on doing when you get home other than rest?
the real kicker here is that once I finish the running part I will no doubt be very beat up..emotional and so much comes with completing some of this magnitude. I will go home and have just 10 weeks to train for the 508 mile bike ride which scares the pants off me…being on my feet for 508 miles seems very doable to me, 508 miles on a bike is the challenge. It is near to impossible to train for both the run and the bike at the same time. I will come home and love my husband and children all I can and in my free time away from work and family..(sometimes this is 4am) I will have to start to ride a not much rest until after oct. 6th. Then I will take all of Nov. off and not do any kind of training. My family is the most important part of my life and they do come first. I arrange my life around them coming first so they are a great big part of my might be pushing a stroller or pulling them on my bike..if you want photos I can send them..once I complete this there will be a great deal of crying for I am very emotional and I believe God gives us all we can take and handle and I am so full of gratitude and thankful for the opportunity to be able to do what I do. I am so blessed to wake up each day and know what I am to do with my life..
People can follow the event on the 810 web site and my would be so great to encourage people to send us emails…it helps so, so much. it also helps to get people motivated to send it to all there family friends and co-workers..this is called giving and doing something to help and make a difference.ALONE WE CAN DO SO LITTLE, TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH!!!!
God Bless and Thank you
Dream Big!Lisa Smith-Batchen This is the blog for AIDS orphans rising.



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  1. Thanks for posting this. What a wonderful person and what a great cause. Long may she run!

  2. What a great interview! Life is so meaningful. I remembered a short passage that an associate shared with me a few years back.

    Sometimes I wonder,
    Why me, Why must I undergo these?
    Then I remember …
    Perhaps … it is not about me,
    But rather the effect I have on others!

  3. hey buddy, great interview

  4. hey buddy, great interview

  5. An inspiring post…thank you for sharing…

  6. Thank you so much for posting this for us:)
    I hope your wedding is wonderful!!!
    Please follow our 810 mile journey and send us some blog really helps when the going gets tough and it will.
    Many thanks and God bless

  7. What an amazing and heartwarming story. Thanks so much or sharing!

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