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I am dedicating this post to Kdawg68 at THE ASPIRING HORSEPLAYER

I love horses but I just don’t get racing them. It makes me sad that one would have to be put down. If I were to sit and watch the races and I saw one go down I would probably end in tears because I’m the emotional sort. This is a story of a second chance. Injured thouroughbreds are adopted through a program called Rerun “ReRun Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Thoroughbred adoption program whose mission is to help ex-racehorses find a second career. Horses accepted into the program are evaluated, rested and rehabilitated as needed. The Thoroughbreds are then placed with qualified adopters to begin their chance at a second career.” This site also offers an opportunity to adopt the race horses that will no longer be used for races.


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  1. I’m glad to hear this program exists. I have rescued 4 horses myself. I also have rescued cats and dogs.

  2. Very worthy cause! Thank you for increasing public awareness of this. Of course I also appreciate the dedication – but yes, our equine friends need all the help they can get when they are forgotten from the track. Obviously the more famous ones go on to breeding careers – but the lesser known guys deserve just as much love and care. Sadly far too many wind up being slaughtered for horse meat. It’s ghastly and almost unthinkable, yet happens every day. Thank god for those who reach out and rescue them, but more help is always needed.

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