Proof Positivity: Wall*e Movie Review

In true Disney Pixar fashion Wall-e is a robot with a heart. This movie hits on a political issue, pollution. What would happen to our planet if we had so much junk we couldn’t live here? The president sends all humans to live in a spaceship until the Earth grows life once more. Wall-e is to clean up our mess for 700 years. He has a cockroach that’s his best friend and he watches old musicals on VCR tapes. Wall-e meets Eva another robot and he falls in love with her. Wall-e has a collection of junk that he keeps and he found a plant that he gave to Eva. Who was sent to see if humans can inhabit the Earth once more. I’ll not hit on the rest of the story. That would give it away.

My opinion of it is that it is an excellent movie. It touches on a lot of issues that we face as a world. What would happen if we continue our destructive habits? I think if you intend on discussing recycling or going green with your kids this would be a great start.

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