United Nations Cyberschoolbus

United Nations Cyberschoolbus This is a really great site for kids. Have you ever wondered what happens inside the UN? You can view video that airs every day. Students around the world have posted questions to Secretary Genera Ban Ki-moon that will be answered whithin a few months. Global Disarmament Hub ,which is linked to the United Nations Cyberschoolbus, is launching an essay conest to go to Students for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World Seminar at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The Topic: ”What do you think can lead governments to stay away from, or do away with, nuclear weapons?’ The student must be able to do one of these:

• Write an essay of 1500 words
• Produce a video response of 2-5 minutes and / or
• Design a poster

There is also a site conected with teaching children human rights.
There are too many really good sites listed with the first one I mentioned so, go check it out there’s something for everyone at this site.