Proof Positivity: Service For all

“I’m bored!” How often have you heard that out of your child’s mouth. Here is a boredom cure, community service. I believe in order to raise children in a manner in which they can empathize with another human being is one of the best ways to go. I’m going to give you a list of things you can do with your kids to raise awareness.

  • Pick up litter. The litter looks ugly for number one and it’s bad for the enviroment.
  • Visit a nursing home on a day that your child isn’t sick or has a runny nose. The risk factor from your child being sick for the elderly isn’t good. Read a book to them, let them talk about their life if they want, and the elderly women really love to get their nails painted.
  • Make a meal for your neighbor.
  • Read a book to a sibling.
  • Discuss why plants help the enviroment.
  • Fundraise for a cause.
  • Adopt a pet.
  • Discuss what is going on in other countries.

The list That is a little more complex:

Now for the adults there is a lot of opportunity for you as well to volunteer.

If you’re from a country other than United States of America I would love to hear about some of the opportunities in your country just drop me a line. I wouldn’t mind hear stories of what you did to make a difference either.