Proof Positivity: Who Says Old Shoes Aren’t Useful?


In 2003 San Felipe Animal Rescue became a non- profit. San Felipe is located on the Baja Penninsula.

There are an estimated 10,000 strays in the area. Since this is outside of the US it’s difficult to get funding to spay/ nueter the animals. Mexico doesn’t participate in spay/ nueter groups either.

A benefactor, the small group of philanthropists, and The University of Vetrinary School in Mexicali began working on the problem of over population. The spay/ nueter program, even though the college offers a discounted fee, still costs more than $3,500 a month.

Fundraising has come from a shoe business that SFAR runs on ebay. They sell shoes that you no longer wear and use the money for spaying/ nuetering the stray cats and dogs.

Shoes can be sent to:
San Felipe Animal Rescue
95 East Highway 98
Calexico, CA 92232

Contact Co-Founder Steven Forman
or in San Felipe
or you can email them.

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