Proof Positivity: To Be Greatful.

126 posts I have done. On how to help or how to do more. My family is on the poverty level in the United States. I’m not upset or sad. We have food, clothing, and shelter those are the basic needs. I have a lot to be greatful for. We are getting a brand new home that we will be building from Habitat for Humanity . We have a computer which I love because my thing is creating a story and I’m able to finish typing this out and it’s published. We have a phone and a vehicle. We don’t have cable or jobs that pay $30,000. We are a family of five myself, my husband, and three children. We don’t have much but I am greatful. All of the stories I have written about people makes me wish I could do more than just blog about it. There are so many people who need so much more than my family or I do. How can one poverty stricken woman help thousands of poverty stricken people. For now blog is all I can do and it makes me sad. It might not make sense to you why I’m like this. I’m just not very self- absorbed. I used to yell at my brother because he was killing ants and worms. I don’t allow my children to kill ants and worms. I don’t spend a lot of time watching telethons for me that’s 24 hours in a state of depression because I can’t donate money. The most I’m able to do is blog and volunteer anf for now that will be enough.

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