Proof Positivity: She Blinded Me With Science

How would it feel to be a child that studies science or math? I know how I felt as a young girl. I hated it. I was excellent at spelling, handwriting, and English. I excelled in these things. I don’t even have to study to get good grades with those things. Math and science are another thing. I could study for hours and still come out of the whole thing with a “D.” Once when I was in 6th grade the teacher would announce the kids who had grades of “B” or better. I managed to pull this off one time. The teacher announced my name. I thought I misheard her and I asked her to repeat herself because I thought it was a fluke. There is no way she could have called me. I didn’t leave my house for a week because I was studying for that test. I didn’t even know how to study I had no one to work with me. I hope to do better by my own children. I hope to inspire others through action. So, yes, once more I will ask you to make a difference in the life of a child. You don’t need money just mentor or sit down with your own children. The time you spend with them is precious and does make a difference. The time you spend with them will build their confidence.

Here are a few sites to look in to:

University of Maryland

Programs for Girls

Mickelson’s drive for math and science

Difference between girls and boys

Mentoring programs:


Child & Family web guide

Youth mentoring program

Boys and Girls Club

Big Brothers/ Big Sisters

Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts

Free Tutoring:

Tuition Plaza

Eduwizards This one is great for high school students wanting to go to college. They tutor for SAT, ACT, GRE, state tests etc. , Languages, et al.

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