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Proof Positivity: Speech Skills

As a journalist or any person that uses their voice to communicate there are a few things you need to learn how to do. Speaking is an art. I,
personally, am the shy quite sort but I know how to use my voice when the occasion calls for it. Here are a few tips that I picked up taking a speech class years ago and if you are a stutterer this helps too.

1. Take a deep breath. This helps you collect your thoughts and it helps with your nervousness.

2. Learn how to say Eddie, Eddie, Eddie or Toy boat, Toy Boat, Toy Boat tongue twisters help build your muscles.

3. Talk to a mirror and watch how your mouth moves.

4. Think before you speak. This is so important. Often people say things and it just doesn’t come together or make sense like it should.

5. Be confident. Your confidence or lack thereof shows in your conversation.

6. Stand up, sit up strait. Don’t slouch. This affect how you say things.

7. Talk slowly. Helps to collect your thoughts and makes it easier for people to understand you.

8. Use your hands to build interest but not too much you don’t want to look like a bird.


One Response

  1. Thanks for the tips. They are truly helpful. I think its really important to have a good communication skills in any situation. Being confident helps you communicate effectively because you can express yourself better if you are confident. Self-consciusness is out of the way so you’ll feel more relaxed.

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