Proof Positivity: I’m Staying Positive

Attitude is everything. When I wake up in the morning I expect my day to begin and end wonderfully. That doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen but I try to see the good in every thing. I lived in a home where domestic violence was a “normal” every day thing. I knew it wasn’t normal and I knew only I can make it a positive or negative thing. I am always aware of how I treat my own children and I talk about it the way I do to maybe help someone in the same situation. Only you can control the outcome of your life. If you have been abused so what. Don’t let that be the controlling factor in your life unless you are going to do something with the knowledge you obtained from it. Abuse isn’t right but it is a learning experience. It’s ok to be angry and it’s not your fault so, learn to accept it. I think growing up as I did gave me more sympathy for others. I can’t watch an injustice without getting angry but that doesn’t mean use violence. To me that means I have to write more about it or volunteer somewhere because my thoughts or ideas may help another. Helping someone else keeps me positive as well. It’s hard for me to be negative and pessimistic. I don’t understand the attitude or why anyone would want to be that way. There are things that are wrong with the world but there are so many things that are right with the world.

Sites that talk about staying positive:
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Domestic violence help:
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  1. Great attitude Shirley! Keep on spreadin’ the word! – Nards

  2. Excellent post Shirley. There is a special award waiting for you at my blog.

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