Proof Positivity: My Email

I am going to expose you to some of my email. Some people must be wondering if I’m “real.” This is my proof that I believe in community service wholeheartedly. As a former City Year corps member I receive email from City Year and this one is important to City Year and Americorps as an organization.

Dear City Year alumni,

As a City Year alum, you are a leader who has already demonstrated your commitment to service and a cause larger than yourself. Your leadership is needed once again, as it is a critical time for our country and the national service movement. City Year was founded 20 years ago with the vision that one day the most commonly asked question of a young adult will be, “Where will you do your service year?”. It is our hope that the next president of the United States and Congress will help bring us dramatically closer to that day, and you can help. City Year, along with Be the Change, Civic Enterprises, and Points of Light Institute, is a lead organizer of the Service Nation Summit and Day of Action. Service Nation is a year-long campaign to promote a major expansion of service opportunities in America. The Service Nation campaign kicks off with a national summit September11-12, in New York City. On the evening of September 11 there will be a Presidential Forum on Service, televised by CNN and moderated by TIME magazine’s Managing Editor Rick Stengel. Senator John McCain has agreed to attend, and we are hoping Senator Obama will agree to attend as well. The following day, 500 of our nation’s leaders will convene to discuss ways in which service can be expanded to solve major problems facing our country: helping children in high poverty schools stay on track to graduate, helping to protect and reclaim our rivers and environment, and serving on the front lines when disasters like hurricanes Katrina and Rita strike. On Saturday, September 27, Service Nation will convene a national Day of Action, with hundreds of events across America celebrating the power and potential of citizen service. The goal of the National Day of Action is for thousands of Americans to express their support for a dramatic expansion of service by organizing events throughout the day service events, advocacy and educational events. Gatherings small and large are important and will move our cause forward. I encourage you to continue your leadership role in the service movement by planning a Day of Action event and registering it online on the Service Nation website. You remember what it was like to transform an abandoned lot into a community garden, or replace graffiti with a mural, or join others to rally in support of opportunities to serve. Share the experience with others by convening your own event on September 27. You can also get started a day early by participating in City Year’s 20th anniversary Opening Day taking place across the country, including our newest site in Miami on Friday, September26. Meet this year’s corps members, witness their pledge of service and then join them in service.You can read all about Service Nation and the Day of Action at , as well as the recently published article in TIME magazine. (You can access here: )As a first step, you can take our service poll at: and submit a question to be asked at the September 11 Presidential Forum on Service. (Tickets to the forum will be given to the individuals who submit the best questions.)It is exciting that both major party presidential candidates strongly support service, and both have been inspired by City Year corps members. Senator McCain and Senator Obama have each proposed growing AmeriCorps to 250,000 members annually from 75,000 today. However,their support alone will not bring about a major expansion of service in America. It takes all of us as committed citizens to take a stand and demonstrate that the American people want our country to be a nation of service.I hope that you are as excited by the potential for Service Nation as I am, and that you will join us in this bold campaign. City Year alumni are leaders for life and getting involved in Service Nation is an important way for you to share your leadership and share dedication with others.

Yours in service

Michael Brown

CEO and Co-Founder City Year,

Inc.287 Columbus Avenue Boston, MA 02116


I cannot say enough about serving your community. I think everyone should at least have one positive experience.