Proof Positivity: Hurricane Katrina

August 25th, 2005 Katrina hit I recall the poverty stricken not having a home or a way to evacuate. I recall how the officials for Louisiana were not prepared for an event of such a high magnitude. Loved ones dead on the streets, misplaced animals, looting, and violence. FEMA didn’t work fast enough to get the people of New Orleans assistance.

There is light in the darkness. Believe it or not some good did come out of Hurricane Katrina.
Do you remember when they rescued the animals looking for their owners, Brad Pitt working w to give the poverty stricken energy efficient homes, across America people were taking in the Katrina homeless.

A few sites to look in to
The Pink Project
The New Orleans 100
Friends of New Orleans
Katrina’s Angels
Katrina deceased victims list


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  1. Yes Shirley, we need to remember Katrina. As the world climate changes, unfortunately there may be more “Katrina-like” occurrences in our collective futures. Disaster knows no boundaries and no one is immune. I am learning this. We each need to develop a mindset of serving our fellowman. You have promoted this beautifully – Nards

  2. Thank You Nards. I think the world needs to work together. The world would be a better place if we all could walk a mile in another man’s moccaisins. No one is immune to a disaster.

  3. I remember. We watched the after-effects horror struck. We contributed what we could to help and we wept for all those who lost everything.

  4. I read and watched your Katrina post, as you were the first blogger to post. If they made a disaster movie of this, people would scoff and say that it couldn’t happen. Like the movie “Raid on Entebbe”, where hostages were saved without injury, (an actual event), it just seems beyond the scope of possibility.

    Your blog takes the concepts of possibility into the realm of hope, which is wonderful. In particular, I would have liked to Stumble your Katrina post, but my toolbar is down. Maybe you could add a button? Oh wait, I could just paste your address onto my Stumble page……Still learning computers!


  5. @ timethief it was a sad time and too many people were forgotten. Government isn’t something to depend on. I depend on the spirit that’s in us all to want to do good.

    @ dano no worries Hakuna Matata. 🙂 I’ve only had my computer since December and I’ve been blogging since Feb. I just stumble post when they inspire me. There is no pressure to do likewise. 🙂

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