Proof Positivity: Do You Believe In Magic?

Gerry McCambridge wins the Merlin Award In Las Vegas August 25th. This in the world of magic is equivalent to the Oscars. Some of the previous winners have been Criss Angel, Siegfried & Roy, and David Copperfield. He began his career at the age of eight when he receive a magic kit as a gift.
A few things to look for
I need to complete nominations for brilliant weblog, provide a link list given through a friend in which I will be adding her name to the authors list, a September 11th post, and Blogger’s Unite is in November. With the Christmas season creeping up on us already I hope to have a month of understanding for each other as individuals.
There is a reason that we no longer have polio in our country. Jonas Salk used himself as a guinea pig to test the vaccine. I know a lot of parents are against it but I think vaccines are important. “The CDC Thursday announced a series of measles outbreaks between January and April 25 that resulted in 64 measles cases in the United States — the highest number reported in the same time period since 2001.” We need to make sure we tromp out the diseases that can be prevented.

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