Proof Positivity: A Few Links to Pass Along

Timethief has two awesome sites. One Cool Site: WordPress Blogging tips Pretty self- explanatory. Even if you have a blog that isn’t WordPress there are still some good tips that you can scoop up from the site. This Time This Space is her personal blog. As I was saying she has given me a whole bunch of links for this site that I haven’t gotten to yet so that is what I am getting ready to do. is a site that helps conquer learning languages.
There is a lot we can learn from children at Dumb Little Man
I really want to play around on scrapbook blog when I get some time.
Learn a little about editorial cartoons.
If you want to change the world check out The Great American Think Out
If you want to see what an Aussie mommy does you want to look for Kidzarama
These are all great site take a peak. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.