Proof Positivity: Hannah’s Lunchbox

What do you do when you want to make a difference in the world? The Salwen family decided to sell their home. They felt they have so much already while there are others who have much less. The Salwen family intends to move into a home half of the size of the one they are currently living in and using the remainder of the proceeds from selling their house to go to The Hunger Project.

The idea to sell the family home came from 15 year old Hannah finding herself on An Atlanta street between a Mercedes and a homeless panhandler. Joan and Kevin Salwin saw an opportunity to teach leadership. Hannah and 13 year old Joseph knew sacrifice was involved and giving up some of their possessions was part of it.

I feel that these children are natural born leaders. Hannah started volunteering in the 5th grade working at Cafe 458 which serves homeless people and at the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Joseph began working in the food bank when he was 8.

Where Can you check out this gorgeous home? You can go to Hannah’s Lunchbox or call Sally George at (404) 783-3842


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  1. This is absolutely amazing and so very heartening. Good for you for posting. You know what’s interesting, is that lately in these times when everyone around me panicking about the economy and talks about all the elections and negativity all I keep seeing is people and organizations that are doing wonderful things. Like this site here that you write; it is fantastic. Or KIVA, they are incredible and so many other people who are donig goo things in the world. I love it. Thank you for being a positive force.

  2. I was doing a little reading and in this economy non-profits are doing better than they typically do in a good economy. More people are shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army. Because of the economy more programs are being funded.

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