Proof Positivity: Patrick Henery Hughes

Here is a father /son duo that will bring tears to your eyes. I will let the video do the talking and tell you what you won’t know by the end of the video. This young man has been interviewed by everyone under the sun ESPN, ABC-TV, Oprah, CBS-TV, The Ellen Show, Extreme Make Over Home Edition, FOX-TV, CSTV, NBC-TV, The Grand Ole Opry, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Star Magazine. Yes, the list did include Extreme Makeover Home Edition. For a $500 donation you get the full set of floor plans. “Truly the week of the build and the months following have been magical.We always felt that our company was representing the building industry and possibly the whole community as we constructed this home. Patrick (the father), mentioned after viewing over 1000 photos from that week that in every picture everyone was smiling. Everyone looked so happy. I told him, it really was a labor of love for all involved.” From Extreme Makeover Home Edition blog .

What would you do for your child? Would you run a marathon? Work all night to preform in the band the following day? Would you climb Mt. Everest? Jump from a plane? What is the extreme you would go to in the name of love?

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