Proof Positivity: Ethiopian Traveling Library

Yohannes Gebregeorgis founded Ethiopia Reads in 1998. Can you imagine your own child never having the opportunity to hold a book in his or her hand? Without knowledge and reading you can’t have a job not even fast food. “Ethiopia Reads is a grassroots non profit/non government organization geared toward bringing literacy and literacy related resources to Ethiopia.
Ethiopia Reads Mission Statement: to develop a reading culture in Ethiopia by connecting children with books.”

58% of Ethiopians age 15 and above cannot read.
Classes in government schools around typically have approximately 180 students at a time.
At present, 99% of schools in Ethiopia have no libraries!

This is a beginning with knowledge comes power. This is the beginning. Because someone cared enough to bring books these children will have the know how to one day create businesses and make Ethiopia a country that’s wealthy.

The goal is to open 100 libraries by 2010.


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  1. You wrote, “58% of Ethiopians age 15 and above cannot read.” Can you believe it? These people need to be lifted up. Imagine all of the little genius brains in these countries that could contribute greatly to the world, and we wouldn’t even know that they were out there! Kudos to the libraries coming up.

  2. Yes, they do need to be lifted up. Maybe one day libraries will be a permanent fixture instead of a traveling one.

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