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Proof Positivity: What Does Peace Mean to Me?

As previously mentioned today is the International Day of Peace.
The question is: What does peace mean to me?
Peace is a time in the world where there is no slavery. Community service organizations would not be needed there would be no poverty, child abuse, or harm done to any man, woman, or child. The guns of the malitia would silence themselves. All humans on Earth would destroy all their weapons. Governments would talk instead of have war. No one would take over for someone else’s resources.
Peace is the moment I can close my eyes and know my children will be ok in this world.
Peace is the moment I hear the birds sing.
Peace is the moment I can smell the fresh country air.
Peace is the moment when golden color on the trees arrive.
Peace is sitting on my swing on a crisp fall morning.
Peace is a good book.
Peace is Christmas eve.
Peace is joy.
Peace is hapiness.
Peace is when we can all be one and help our fellow man.


One Response

  1. Great thoughts. A feeling inside that we strive for and think about those things which can be bring it around. So close, and yet so far away at times.

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