Proof Positivity: Second Hand Finds and Bargain Deals

Thrift stores are a great place to find something you may want but couldn’t afford otherwise. A pair Of Tommy Hilfiger pants costs $49.00 at Macy’s. I purchased the same pants at a second hand store for $1.00. I’ve purchased a wedding dress for small children to play in for $10.00. I’ve seen full sets of heirloom china, furniture, you name it it’s there.

Some of my tips:
-Inspect everything. Make sure zippers are where they need to be and secure.
-Check for missing buttons. If you think you can get crafty and sew it on that’s great. If you’re not that crafty just leave it there.
-Check for holes. If you can put a patch on jeans and make them cute you’ve got a deal. If that hole is something that you can do nothing with leave it at the store.
-Check for stains. Some stains you can remove some you can’t. Buyer beware.

Bargain Department Stores:
the same rules apply for these stores. You are getting product that was sent back for a reason. You can still get a good deal though if you know what you’re doing. This bed is priced at $1,099.99 and it is solid wood. The bunk bed we have for our boys cost a little over $200, was solid wood but needed a drill to create an extra hole and it was much better quality purchased from Big Lots.
Some other stores you may want to look into:

There are a lot of bargain grocery stores too. You might have to bag your own food though. My family goes through the store scavenging for boxes to pack our groceries in. We try to avoid purchasing plastic bags that are bad for the environment to begin with and when we use the boxes that reduce, reuse, recycle rule comes into play and at least boxes are biodegradable. A few grocery stores.
Save A Lot

If you have any more that can be added to the list please leave the link and I will add it to the list.

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