Proof Positivity: Know One, Teach One

KOTO (Know One, Teach One) Is a non-profit restaurant. Most restaurants just add to your waist. This one adds to the self esteem of youth in Vietnam. In 1996 An Australian Vietnamese man asked some street kids what they wanted out of life “we need skills so we can find stable jobs.” The idea of KOTO was created.

Founder Jimmy Pham states, “KOTO is about creating a safe environment where a small group of extremely vulnerable young people can learn and grow – because through education and skills comes empowerment and the path to a brighter future.”

KOTO began as a sandwich shop and it has grown. KOTO now seats 120 people and the students they train are highly valued in the hospitality industry. Many now work in top level hotels and restaurants.

If you would like to sponsor a trainee for an entire year the cost is $190 US dollars for the students welfare and education. You can call or email
or call (84-4) 847 3492/ 3.

KOTO Hanoi KOTO on Van Mieu Restaurant Restaurant – 59 Van Mieu Street Dong Da District Hanoi, Vietnam(opposite the Temple of Literature)Tel (84 4) 747 0337 or (84 4) 747 0338Fax (84 4) 747 0339Reservation or booking at
KOTO Vocational Training Center Training Centre – 72 Thuy Khue Street Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam (84 4) 847 3492 or (84 4) 843 3840Fax (84 4) 843 3840Email: (for general purposes) (for sponsorship program) (for donation, fundraising, volunteering)
KOTO International Post Office Box 275Mount Waverley Victoria 3149Australia

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