Proof Positivity: Go Out and Vote

For us Americans it is time to go out and vote in three weeks. I encourage everyone to vote our future relies on us voting. I will not tell you who to vote for that is up to you.
I would appreciate if you look at Barack Obama’s site and look at the issues.
Then, look at John McCain’s
You need to not just think of yourself but others as well. What is best for your children? What is best for your neighbor? What is best for the man, woman, or child on another continent? Our politics affect the world. Don’t go in like a blind man and not know what is going on. Don’t vote for a republican because your a republican and don’t vote for a democrat because you’re a democrat. Vote for the best man it doesn’t matter if he is republican, democrat, black, white, Catholic, Mormon, or no religion. What matters is how he will effect the world. Our right to vote is a world issue not an American issue any more. How do you think the world will feel when you cast your ballot.
Don’t vote for a person because that’s what your parents are doing. Vote for someone because of your beliefs. All too often I’ve heard stories of “I’m voting for xyz because my mom is.” Stop it! Do your research know your candidates.
Here is the first presidential debate.
Here is the second debate.

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  1. A wonderful piece dear Shirley. Very wise and encouraging. I voted early this week. I’m glad I did. I just pray my choice will make a positive difference. More importantly I pray we all can become more involved in our daily lives, in our communities and in the world community to bring positive change into our world.

    Lovely passionate writing. Good for you!!!

  2. I was a little stunned to see that there was a comment on this site. I haven’t submitted it to any search engines or anything yet. We will be voting next Saturday. Too bad we won’t know for a couple weeks yet.

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