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Welcome to Proof Positivity’s new home.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I think this new site gives Proof Positivity a professional look and I like that.  I am still getting used to WordPress so if you see any bugs or glitches just let me know.  If you would like to find out who I am linking to feel free to look around.    A few special features that PP has here that it didn’t have at Blogger is the calander on the side which will tell you when I posted and take you right to that day.  My archives now has a scrollbar.  This site will tell you where everybody is going and the most popular posts automattically.  I think this is an awesome feature.  I am looking forward to making this site the place you go to for your daily dose of positive and happy news and I will also be working on placing a lot more news into the posts.  With that said here is today’s news:


RSM McGladrey Supports the Special Olympics

RSM McGladrey, the fifth largest tax, accounting, and business consulting firm in the United States announced the Special Olympics as the official Charity of The PGA McGladrey Team Championship.    The partnership will support athletes by giving financial support and a chance for them to enhance their golf game by participating in certain PGA McGladrey Team Championship events throughout the country.  This will also provide an opportunity for the employees to get involved through volunteerism.


“The PGA McGladrey Team Championship is all about the power of teamwork and the idea that you can achieve almost anything if you have the right team,” said Steve Tait, president of RSM McGladrey. “We are thrilled that Special Olympics is now part of The PGA McGladrey Team Championship and we look forward to the passion the Special Olympics involvement adds to this great event. Working with Special Olympics further demonstrates the shared values of giving back, the sport of golf and the accounting profession.”


Can of the Year Award

There is an event for every thing including cans.  Dutchman Antonio Perra invented the resealable can and it has won international recognition. His can was nominated ‘Can of the Year’ during ‘The Canmaker Summit Conference’ in Warsaw, Poland.   It was prepared for worldwide production in collaboration with Ball Packaging Europe and Coca-Cola. The Ball Resealable End (BRE) prevents cans from leaking after they have been opened and preserves the beverage’s carbon dioxide content. The first drink to use the BRE is Coca-Cola’s new energy drink ‘Burn’, which was launched in France earlier this year. 


Antonio Perra and Sander Zweed (R&D Director) of Bound2B and 4Sight Innovation are extremely honoured. A delighted Perra says: “I would never have dared dream that my invention would eventually meet with this much international recognition. I’m as proud as a peacock. The introduction of the ‘Burn’ energy drink has only just been rounded off, and already we have received this prestigious award. I sincerely hope that this establishes the new standard for beverage cans.”


All Smiles

In Madison, Wisconson

October marks National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and sadly, more than five million people in the United States are affected by domestic violence each year. These startling statistics reflect why the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation’s (AACDCF) Give Back A Smile (GBAS) program was created. Its mission is to “restore a life by restoring a smile” by providing free cosmetic dental care to survivors of domestic violence. More than 6,000 AACD dental professionals have volunteered their time and expertise for free, over 650 cases have been completed for a total dollar value of over $6 million, and 335 applicants are being treated throughout the United States.


“After suffering abuse, it is difficult for survivors to find something to smile about, and it’s even harder when they don’t have a smile to show. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry members assist survivors of domestic violence by treating their dental injuries, restoring their smiles, their self-esteem, and their lives,” said AACD Foundation Program Manager Lisa Fitch. “We are overjoyed that AACD volunteers have given so much of themselves by helping those in need.”

 Finding Help Through Give Back A Smile
 → Domestic violence survivors who have suffered dental injuries from
     abuse by a former intimate partner or spouse can contact GBAS
     toll-free at 800.773.4227.
 →  Survivors must make an appointment with a counselor, domestic violence
     advocate, social worker, or therapist to complete the advocate section
     of the GBAS application.
 → GBAS conducts the initial review of the application, however, the
     dentist has the final say as to the eligibility of the applicant.
 →  If eligible, the AACD connects the survivor with a local GBAS
     volunteer who provides treatment at no charge to the recipient.
 Restoring Lives by Restoring Smiles.


Design Studios Compete in the 5th Annual Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge

Today’s race cars have ground-breaking technology to improve speed, power, performance and safety. Imagine  never needing to stop for re-fueling or collision avoidance assistance technology for enhanced safety.

“Automotive designers have always been fascinated with Motor Sports and this year’s Design Challenge has provided them with the opportunity to use their creative talent to look at these cars with new eyes, using innovative technologies and approaches,” said Chuck Pelly, director of Design Los Angeles and partner in The Design Academy, Inc. “This adds to the excitement, interest and personal involvement in the sport that has thrilled people of all ages for many years…and many more years to come.”

  The Audi R25 special features high-velocity banks and tunnels, which allow cars to race “inverted” and the opportunity to pass anywhere with aerodynamic racecars.

 The BMW Hydrogen Powered Salt Flat Racer reuses existing, ordinary and materials such as old oil barrels and BBQ lids to whimsical and sustainable by employing goldfish as “co-pilots” to ensure that the vehicle is running clean

 The GM Chaparral Volt collects and creates its own energy from three different clean, renewable and abundant California resources: Earth, Wind and Fire to create an entirely new category of racing – the eco-triathlon.


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