Proof Positivity: Happy Halloween!

 For many communities tonight is trick or treat night so, I wanted to wish everyone a safe Halloween.  I also urge all those who claim to be of any political party to get along.  There will be children running around and for an adult to act as a child as well is unsafe. During this time it does not matter who you are voting for, who you would do harm for.  All this stuff with hanginging manaquins and inflicting pain upon oneself is silly, juvenile, and unsafe.  Please consider all those involved in this weekend.


Too Much Sweet

Please watch how much candy and sugar your chidren consume on a daily basis one day of candy is ok but a lifetime of it is bad and can lead to health risks later on.

Dr. Graneto,  a board-certified osteopathic pediatrician and emergency physician at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago states, “The obvious is to avoid too much processed foods. The perfect examples are simple sugars, such as candies and caramels, and even some of the fruit bars that have really been stripped away of a lot of their nutritional value and left just with the simple sugar content. Limiting soft drinks and cutting back on the obvious sweets is always a battle for parents. And it?s hard to cut back on sweets such as cakes, cookies and ice cream but these are things that need constant vigilance for any parent who?s trying to raise a child with a balanced diet.

And then when you?re cooking at home, one of the things you can do is look for some substitutes for sugar that you can spice up your food and make your foods taste sweeter. And some great examples of that are cinnamon, vanilla, spearmint, anise, all of these can actually provide a sweet taste to foods that you?re making without adding the extra calories of simple sugar.”


The ADA offers these tips for enjoying those holiday sweets and keeping the sweet tooth intact.

Consume Sugary Foods with Meals. The mouth produces more saliva during meals, which helps rinse food particles from the mouth and neutralizes plaque acid that can cause tooth decay.

   * Limit Between-Meal Snacks. Nutritious foods are preferable for snacking. And chewing sugarless gum also helps because it increases saliva flow which helps wash out food particles and neutralize plaque acid that can cause tooth decay.

   * Drink More Water. Water with the optimal amount of fluoride can help prevent tooth decay.

   * Brush Teeth Twice Daily with fluoride toothpaste and Floss Daily

   * See Dentist Regularly.

Time To Fall Back and Change Those Batteries


This Saturday it is time to set your clocks back and to change batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide alarms. 


“Hundreds of fatalities occur every year when individuals neglect to ensure their smoke alarms have fresh batteries. The habit of changing batteries during this campaign is a simple step that can help save the lives of so many families each year,” says Chief Larry J. Grorud, CFO, MIFireE, and president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

The IAFC reports that while 96 percent of American homes have at least one smoke alarm, 19 percent of those alarms are not working, mostly due to missing or dead batteries. On average, home fires kill 540 children, 14 and under each year.


Remember to change those batteries as they say “The life you save may be your own.


Imagine There’s No Hunger


When you have so much it’s easy to forget that thtere is a whole world that has so little.   Hard Rock, who has kept with its motto “Love All, Serve All”  is proud to announce the launch of its 2008 global “Imagine There’s No Hunger” campaign to benefit WHY, a nonprofit organization that strives to fight against hunger and poverty in America and around the world.

Setting the foundation for the “Imagine There’s No Hunger” campaign, artist and musician Yoko Ono has donated her late husband John Lennon’s inspirational song “Give Peace A Chance” to the SERVE3 compilation.  The CD will also include rare, new or previously unreleased tracks from some of music’s most influential artists, including Bruce Springsteen, Joss Stone, Avril Lavigne, Starsailor, My Morning Jacket and others.  SERVE3 will be available at Hard Rock locations around the world and on beginning November 4, 2008, with digital downloads available at


“I am glad that WHY is using John’s lyrics to communicate the seriousness of this issue to the world,” said Yoko Ono.  “Let’s all work together to make a world without hunger as soon as humanly possible.  We owe this battle to our children. WAR IS OVER if you want it.  In brotherhood and sisterhood.”


The campaign also includes a bracelet featuring John Lennons portrait and signature.   All net proceeds from the campaign will be donated directly to WHY to benefit grassroots efforts in Kenya, Haiti, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Venezuela and New Orleans.


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