Proof Positivity: American President Announced

10-1-2008-24712-pm22  What a night!  I was up until 12:00 AM last night watching the election.  I’m sad to say my state voted for John McCain but I am happy to say my country voted for Barack Obama.  That’s right Barack Obamais America’s first African American president!  What this means to me is first, I’m hoping this will give young African Americans a positive role model.  You can do anything in America if you put your mind to it.  You can be president with hard work and persistence.  Secondly, I am big on volunteerism and community service.  A large portion of the non-profits are government funded and don’t get enough funding when the environmentis trickle down.  Trickle down is when they hope the wealthy will donate to charities.  I don’t agree with trickle down economics.  My mom’s pay got cut during this kind of economy and she is a teacher.  Yes, even teachers who are funded by the government get pay cuts especially when trickle down is the way they want things to go.  What this also means for volunteerism and serving my country is that programs like City Yearwill have tons of support.  Serving my country doesn’t just mean going off to war it means tutoring a child, teaching a person with disabilities how to paint, painting an elderly woman’s fingernails and listening to her stories of attending the march in which Dr. Martin Luther King gave his “I had a dream speech.”  


Barack Obama as president means foreign oil will eventually be a thing of the past.  Maybe our cars will be run on water.  When it evaporates it doesn’t harm the environment or maybe we could tank upat our local McDonald’s.   This new president doesn’t have family that could potentially profit from oil so the sky is the limit.

In America there is a feel good atmosphere.  I watch the journalists of the Today Show Matt Lauer and Al Roker look happier than usual.  It is indeed a “new day.”  If only we can get a woman in office next one that isn’t into moose or wolf hunting preferably.  A woman that is a little more into politics enough to know what Roe vs. Wade is.  One that will consider some women were abused or could die if they have a baby.

On with non-political news…

The Gift That Keeps Giving

The Family Giving Tree program began in 1990 as a San Jose State University MBA class project. Jennifer Cullenbine and Todd Yoshida were asked to “create a program that adds value to someone  else’s life.”  They created The Family Giving Tree with the hope of providing Christmas gifts to 300 children in East Palo Alto, California.   Encouraged by the success of the first year, Jennifer decided to continue the program. In the 16th year of the program’s existence, the number of gifts donated had swelled to 63,000, making The Family Giving Tree the largest gift donation program in California.

The Family Giving Tree is a four star, rated 501c(3) nonprofit, by charity navigator.


You Lean On My Big Shoulders


In light of the election I thought I should probably highlight a few charities in the Chicago area. 

 “The mission of the Big Shoulders Fund is to provide support to the Catholic schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago. 100% of the funds raised by the Big Shoulders Fund are used to support children through scholarships, special education programs, instructional equipment, much needed school facility improvements, faculty support, and operating grants.  The Big Shoulders Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. ”

The schools supported by the Big Shoulders Fund are the most poor and oldest Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The criteria that are used to designate a Big Shoulders Fund supported school include:

  • The school is located in the City of Chicago;

  • Title I eligibility and participation; and

  • School has 20 percent or more of its students receiving free and reduced luncheons through the school’s lunch program.

Over half of the students who attend these schools are living at or below the poverty level.  Through education an opportunity to break the cycle arrises.

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