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The auto industry is in trouble.  If it goes under that means a whole lot of people are out of jobs.  I do know what’s going on in the world even though I don’t typically blog it.  I am probably more aware of what is going on than most people.  I do blog positive and I do give solutions to the negative and even when something bad is happening I can honestly say it will get better.  It may not be now or a week from now but eventually things will get better.  In the words of Little Orphan Annie ” The sun’ll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow they’ll be sun!”


People seem to think that when you want to surround yourself withpositive that you have blinders on to all that goes on my own husband thinks this way.  My husband made me sit down and watch a video on something negative I can’t remember what though.  He said “You’re too happy and positive.  You don’t know what’s going on with the world.”  Hmmmm… this is awful funny since I can think of at least one organization that has a solution to the problem that I was forced to view. 


After a long conversation on the videos I view away from my husband he began to realize that I do know what’s going on probably far more than he does.  Blogging about the positive makes me more aware of everything.  You cannot have an organization that fights against slavery without having slavery in the world.  You cannot have medical relief without a natural disaster.  You cannot have the positive side of it unless the negative happens first.  When our world becomes the perfect world I will have less to blog.  Since us humans are made to be competitive and some of us take it to the extreme I think I will have to keep blogging.  On with the news…


Trees for Troops Program Approaches 50,000 Milestone


 For the fourth  year in a row, FedEx Corp and the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation are teaming up for Trees for Troops. 


“Trees for Troops delivers much-needed cheer to those families whose loved ones are serving our country and will not be home for the holidays,” said Douglas G. Duncan, president and chief executive officer, FedEx Freight. “This program gives us a chance to say thanks to the men, women and families who give so much to protect our freedom.”

National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) members will donate the trees, while FedEx Corp. is donating transportation and logistical services to the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, the NCTA’s philanthropic branch.

This even kick off on November 12th in Columbus , Ohio with the pick up of 300 trees to be delivered to activated service members stationed in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The  Trees for Troops program has grown rapidly since it began in 2005, when 4,300 trees were delivered to troops and military families at five bases in the U.S. and overseas.  Last year, more than 750 tree growers in 29 states donated 17,000 trees that were delivered by FedEx to 40-plus military bases.  Combined over 34,000 real Christmas trees have been distributed to families in every branch of the military at 40-plus bases in 17 countries.  In the U.S., FedEx Freight trucks have traveled an estimated 90,000 over-the-road miles to pick up and deliver the trees during the past three years.


How Do You Use The Internet?


The Olive Garden is asking students in first through the twelfth grade to answer the question “”How would you use the Internet to change your community for the better?”

The annual Pasta Tales contest winner will receive a $2500 savings bond and a trip to New York City.  The essay must be 50-250 words long and this will be for United States and Canadian students.  you can get an entry form and rules here.


Inspiring Stories About How To Make a Difference



Designer and activist Kenneth Cole released a book today that celebrates the heritage of Kenneth Cole Productions, marrying his long term social mission with his new AWEARNESS initiative for empowering, encouraging and supporting acts of service, volunteerism and social change.

829  Cole said about the occasion, “I’ve said for 25 years that ‘What you stand for is more important than what you stand in.’ I have been fortunate in my life to have been given an opportunity and a forum through which to deliver a message of activism and awareness. I wanted to commemorate the 25th anniversary of my company by celebrating the people and the stories that have inspired me — people who have achieved extraordinary change often through ordinary acts or resources.  We’re launching the AWEARNESSbook and initiative with the hope that we can encourage everyone to get involved to help make a difference.”

This book tells you how and where to get involved

Exerpts from the book:

Robert Redford on keeping speech free:  “Change is going to come from the ground up, not from the top down. We’ll have a better movement from the grass roots — where the public is, where the voices of America are.”

Jacqueline Murekatete on genocide prevention: “After I learned about the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, the Cambodian genocide, and the Bosnian genocide, it became clear to me that what had happened in Rwanda in 1994 was not unique to Rwanda, that genocide had happened before and could happen anywhere. I realized it was a cycle that would continue to repeat itself for as long as we permitted it by our silence, our indifference, and lack of actions to prevent it.”
Martin Luther King III on community building: “Nonviolence teaches us how to live on a higher level with higher standards. The nonviolent principles of service and love are the bricks and mortar that we need in order to build the “beloved community” and realize my father’s dream.”

Chris Gardner on giving and getting second chances: “I’m proud to have put a face on homelessness — and it’s not the face of a drug addict or a convict.”

Feel free to visit the AWEARNESS BLOG

A few appearances Kenneth Cole will make to promote the book:

Cole will support the launch of the book with these events and appearances:

San Francisco, November 17 — Hosted by Kenneth Cole and Mayor Gavin Newsom

Boston, November 20 — Hosted by Kenneth Cole and Service Nation founder Alan Khazei (Woo-Hoo also a City Year Founder that I have met!)

New York, November 24 — Kenneth Cole will make a public appearance at Barnes&Noble Tribeca


I’m getting excited about this book!  I need to go to Books-A-Million and find it!


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  1. You said:

    “Blogging about the positive makes me more aware of everything. You cannot have an organization that fights against slavery without having slavery in the world. You cannot have medical relief without a natural disaster. You cannot have the positive side of it unless the negative happens first.”

    What an absolutely wonderful bit on being positive!!! I am blown away!!!! Incredible insight and writing. I am right there with you sister! This could have been about me; we think SO the same in that way. AND you have worded this like I’ve never read. Just absolutely true and excellent!

    You are really one sharp cookie! And I just swell with pride for you. Hugs, Robin

  2. Oh, well, shucks (bashfully). 🙂

  3. I LOVE your blog entry about positive/negative and how we can’t have one without the other. It appears as though you ARE very aware of the World around you, and your positivity resonates through your writing. Keep it up…every little bit counts in “Making the World a Better Place”.

  4. Thank you. Sadly, this is true gotta have the negative before you can accentuate the positive.

  5. It’s a funny thing how people interpret being positive sometimes as a negative, or as not thinking practically. Like you, I disagree that it has to be that way. I think in blogging, the tendency is toward trying to be what is perceived as “edgy.” Yet, that supposed edginess is a trend like anything else, where good ideas and a positive attitude can have genuine, long-lasting effects.

    Maybe it’s not glamorous and cool– but it’s a lovely way to live life. 🙂 Keep it up, Shirley. I appreciate your upbeat thinking.

  6. Using a feature on my blog that I don’t if it will show on my blog or your box. This WordPress takes some getting used to. A lot of people seem to think being positive means your head is in the clouds somewhere. For every positive thing I view there was something negative that happened to turn it into a positive. For example the murder of John Walsh’s son led to America’s Most Wanted, criminals being captured, and stronger laws to fight for children. The difference between the news and me is I think I do a lot more research. To come up with the positive you have to they don’t put it on the news.

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