Proof Positivity: Hillary Clinton Considered

10-1-2008-24712-pm211 Hillary Clinton, my candidate, is being considered for Secretary of State.  Yay!  Why did I want Hillary to be president?  I have to admit a good portion of that was Bill Clintons doing.  Bill Clinton as president took time out of his busy schedule for a group of people doing community service.  He could have lounged around in an antique chair in that big old house but he took time out for us.  He also, on that day, went to a run down school in a bad neighborhood.  The fact that Hillary is a woman was an added bonus.  I always went with the possibility that she might not win the primaries.  Which would mean my support of Barack Obama.  I’m a democrat to the end and I refuse to vote for a republican regardless of my candidate not being “the candidate.”   The last time we had a good economy Bill Clinton was in office and Headstart teachers were getting pay raises (Headstart is federally funded).  Under a republican government programs like this get cuts which means those teachers funded by the government barely make enough to survive.  No Child Left Behind leaves teachers behind.  This is not a sill accusation.  This is an accusation from someone whose mother was a Headstart teacher.  My mom loved her job and loved being with the kids  but as a manager at a fast food resteraunt I made far more money than she did. 

A few sites that I want to point out to you:  has a whole lot of happy, positive stories.  When I first started on blogcatalog ImaNicePerson was one of the first to mark me as a friend.  The site is great and has a lot of uplifting stories and links.

I invite you to The Kindness Cure where being kind is the main goal.   The video does a far better job than I ever could.

Reality TV With A Heart


 Virgin Mobile announces a new reality television network,  Homeless Youth TV Network.
A new online campaign with programs like "Meal or No Meal," "American Idle,"
 "My Street 16," and "Project Runaway." Focused on raising awareness of the plight
of more than one million youth living on the streets, HYTV delivers a new type of reality
designed to raise awareness in November for National Homeless Youth Awareness Month,
designated by the U.S. Senate.
"The personal drama found on HYTV is far more moving than your average episode of reality
television," says Ron Faris, Director, Brand Development & Partnerships, Virgin Mobile USA.
"Youth homelessness is not something that runs for a season and then goes off the air. 
 Virgin Mobile USA is committed to getting people to pay attention to this important issue."
You can sponsor your favorite program at Homeless Youth TV.  Proceeds will go to different
Virgin Mobile USA charity partners supporting homeless youth, such as Green Chimneys and
StandUp For Kids.
If you sponsor a show your name will be in the credits and  Virgin Mobile USA
will match the first $10,000 in total donations.
HYTV is the latest project of Virgin Mobile USA's The RE*Generation, an ongoing
 effort in conjunction with Virgin Unite to empower a generation to help its own
by connecting non-profit organizations to people and businesses who want to help.
Since 2006, Virgin Mobile USA has donated over $3.5 million and nearly 200,000
articles of new clothing to help homeless youth. Last year, The RE*Generation effort,
in partnership with singer/songwriter Jewel, achieved the designation of November as
National  Homeless Youth Awareness Month by Congress with the aim of drawing attention
to this critical issue.
"Like any network, we want people to watch our programming. The main agenda, of course,
is to raise awareness and involvement with this invisible issue," added Faris.
"We hope our shows motivate people to get off the couch and get involved."

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  1. Thanks for mentioning The Kindness Cure. We are very thankful and hope many folks will join us and be part of the cure!

  2. I really love your blog! You are a wonderful writer and a terrific asset to the Kindness Cure! Thank you for including us and please keep in touch!

  3. Can you believe we entrust teachers with our kids, the most precious we have, and their pay does not reflect this???

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning the Kindness Cure Campaign in your great blog! If I can provide any additional information, I hope you’ll let me know. I also hope you’ll join the Kindness Cure community and become a “kindness bandit.” You obviously perform numerous acts of kindness on a regular basis, so commiting to performing one act per week is no stretch for you:-) Thank you again for all you are and all you do. Have a wonderful day, CJ Scarlet

  5. @ Pentad drive me nuts too.
    @cjscarlet Thank you. 🙂 You have a wonderful day as well.
    @ all Kindness Cure is just one of the many reasons I continue to blog. The world should focus on the positive not the negative. It would make the world a better place.

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