Proof Positivity: Today Show Goes Green


The Today Show and the NBC network are going green this week with tips and ideas on how you can go green.  Here are a few of my tips:

→ Buy canvas bags.  Instead of using the plastic bags at the store hand the bagger your canvas bag.  Plastic bags take a very long time to biodegrade and they just aren’t good for the envioroment.  The canvas bag will also save some trees if your other otion is a paper bag.

→Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Glass, aluminum, plastic, magazines, newspaper, and even your phonebook are all recyclable.  Look in either the front or back of your phonebook for the nearest recycling center.

→Use cold water in your wash.  This will save electricity.

→Save trees by stopping junk mail. 

→Many newspapers and magazines are online even the Sports Illistrated Swimsuit Edition I know you guys are excited about that.  Go on I dare you to Goolgle your favorite magazine or newspaper.

→Go to a library for a book or check out a book online from sites like Project Gutenburg,, and Online books.

→If you’re afraid of missing your morning crossword puzzle there’s a site for that too.  You can get you comic fix too. 


U.S. Carbon Nuetral Zone


The green movement took a large step forward as the first “Carbon Neutral Zone” in the United States was announced in Atlanta. By purchasing carbon offsets, an entire retail community known as The Corner-Virginia Highland, effectively offset its residual greenhouse gas emissions using an innovative collective approach that will set the standard for American companies looking to adopt sustainable business practices and reduce their carbon footprints.

The zone, established at The Corner-Virginia Highland shopping district, was pushed forward by Verus Carbon Neutral, and spearheaded by Antje Kingma, founder of Eco-Bella.  “Many of us have taken steps to run environmentally friendly companies for years,” said Ms. Kingma, “this zone gave us all a chance to come together for our community.”

Verus specializes in auditing individual and corporate footprints and providing carbon offsets from the Chicago Climate Exchange. Sponsored by the Meddin Company, each of the 18 businesses on The Corner submitted to a carbon footprint audit.  Verus Carbon Neutral completed all audits and calculated the metric tons of carbon emissions that needed to be offset.  The businesses volunteered to purchase the required offsets to create this first-of-its-kind Carbon Neutral Zone.

“Climate change is the number one issue of our time, and it is critical for our leaders to be committed to addressing these issues on a local level and to lead by example,” said Mandy Schmitt, director of sustainability for the city of Atlanta.  “Today’s announcement is an exciting and important step in the right direction and is representative of our overall efforts to green our city.”


Great Green Sites

The Earth Day network

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Planet Green Game which taught me that you gould use recycled denim to insulate your home.



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