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Proof Positivity: Validation


“Are you still blogging?” My husband would ask with a sneer.  For almost a year he has been asking me this question with a negative attitude.  Last night was different.  “Are you still doing that blog?”  He asked with genuine intrest.  “Proof Positivity?  Yes, I do my personnal blog when ever and Proof Positivity Monday- Friday except today because it’s Thanksgiving.”  I said.  “I want you to keep doing that.”  I looked at him in shock and asked if he was ok.  I have gone all this time without my husband’s support.  He says “Nothing’s wrong with me.  You are doing a good thing and the world doesn’t have enough of that.”  My husband has a tendency to think negative first so this was a real surprise to me that he suggest PP goes on.  It made me feel good that finally, he acknowledges what I do.

Anyhow, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I most certainly did.  Last night I watched a special presentation of “The Incredibles”  on NBC.  It seems to me that things like that used to begin at a decent hour like 6:00 PM and end at the latest 9:00.  No, this started at 8PM and ended at 10:30 PM.  I wanted to send my kids to bed and there was no way I could they would have gone kicking and screaming.

Hoop Dreams

2,057  Children are orphaned by the AIDS epidemic every day.  Nine year old Austin Gutwein wanted to play on a basketball team.  He didn’t make the team.

Austin had a pen pal from Africa and decided to learn as much as he could about Africa.  This includes educating himself about AIDS.

“I know it is a disease that when it gets to parents it kills them,” says Austin.

“I really started to think about what it would be like if I lost my parents,” he says.

He began to shoot basketball for charity.  On his first go he earned $3,000.

“I was shocked,” says his father Dan Gutwein. “People donated that we never met before.”

Austin got in touch with World Vision and he and 1,000 other children raised $38,000.  One person can make a difference.  It has to start with one before more can help.


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  1. Shirley, just thinking of you… My very best to you and you and yours. My Dad has been sick, and lots of other stuff going on, so, I’m just getting around to making my rounds. Love the look of your new site. – Nards

  2. Happy to hear from you. I hope your dad is feeling better.

  3. now I stay in touch..

  4. Now your porn site is removed. This is a child friendly site. Would you want your own child viewing that?

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