Proof Positivity: Christmas Around The Corner


Christmas is right around the corner.   The crowds aren’t my cup of tea and I don’t go to the mall during this time of the year.  I avoid the craziness of this time of the year by shopping year round.  I see a sale on a porcelain thing and I think to myself this would be great for so and so.  I purchase it and put it in a large Rubbermaid crate.  Sure, you don’t get the holiday sales but things go on and off sale all year round.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to be pushed around waiting to get in a store?  I don’t understand why it is such a big deal to get a deal that if you look will be there again.

A few holiday sites for you: Did you know Santa is a blogger?  Your child can get a letter from Santa and lots of other fun things to do.  Oh, and Santa has a lot of blogs.  You can track Santa when he makes his journey on Christmas Eve.  Twinkleclaus is Santa’s  top elf Twinkleclause has been blogging since 2006 and you get to see the light displays of the past.

I think Santa is in the heart of everyone.  To me the spirit of Santa says it doesn’t matter what religion you are, where you come from, who you are the spirit of what Santa means will be there in your home.  When you give your money or time to a charity or give a gift expecting nothing in return the is the spirit of Santa and Christmas.


Kids For Kids

“KIDS FOR KIDS helps children living in remote villages in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable hardship.”   Kids For Kids helps by listening to the needs of those living in Darfur.  It shows how, by strengthening these communities, we are enabling people to stay at home and to support their own families.


Khaltoum said “Thank you for giving me my husband back.  The loan of 6 goats has enabled him to be with us permanently and not to leave in the hungry summer months as he has always had to do.  My goats are providing a living for us, not just milk for my children, and now my children no longer have an absentee father”.

Kids For Kids has done so much more.  They have We have trained 22 farmers in terrace building to extend the planting time and provided donkey drawn ambulances, donkey ploughs, ropes, spades, and  blackboards.


Youth Making a Difference


“This past fall twenty students from all over the Salt Lake Valley (East, Highland, Olympus, and West Jordan High school’s) returned from India. They created a project called Operation Giyo that impacted the lives of over 200 orphans in the northern mountains of India. Badly needed repairs were given to four orphanages, children were given medical exams and the teens who went said they would never be the same.”


Youth Making a Difference inspires young people to be leaders and to make a difference in the world.  The youth create projects some of them help provide supplies for schools in India and funds for teachers so the students can achieve.

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