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Proof Positivity: Contagious

me7My WordPress account is going through some changes behind the scenes.   Forgive me if things don’t look quite right  this morning.  The changes from my side of things look great but I am looking for some things as I write. 

Happy could be contagious.  I hope I’m communicable.  The world needs a good dose of happy.  I hope my site finds you in good spirits and if you’re not happy, I hope you are by the time you leave.  Good things do happen in the world every day it’s just a matter of finding those good things.   I believe if we focus more on the positives and the things that are going well in our world we will be happier for it and healthier.

Serving your community has a lot of benefits.   So, why not do something?  It doesn’t have to be a large thing and if it makes you happy you could be affecting hundreds of people.  Told you it’s contagious.  So, show the world your smile and a positive outlook  and remember it’s all about Ya-ttitude.


Mercy Corps


Which is worth more a diamond for Christmas or a goat?  A diamond is beautiful but really it’s useless.  It does nothing just sits in a piece of  jewelry and shines in all it’s glory.  A goat on the other hand can give a child calcium through its milk.  A family can sell its fur creating cashmere to provide an income.  Mercy Corps is helping to provide things like goats , pigs, and even wells.

Mercy Kits is a easy way for people to give a gift and honor a friend or loved-one by supporting innovative humanitarian programs, including breastfeeding education in Indonesia, helping women start businesses and more.

“With Mercy Kits, gift-givers can thoughtfully pay tribute to friends and loved ones while helping alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression in communities around the world,” says Joy Portella, Communications Director for Mercy Corps.

Why not check out a Mercy Kit online gift catalog. You can also purchase Mercy Kits by phone by calling 1-800-292-3355 x250.

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