Proof Positivity: Writing Like Crazy!

Writing like crazyme8  Ispeech

I’ve been writing like crazy.  I wrote an article for Angels magazine about why you should serve your community.    I’ve written another about The Heart of Rock ‘N’ Roll.  I have other articles coming up as well  which I need to work on.  I don’t want to give anything away so be looking for it.  


In my region it finally started to snow on Saturday but it has already melted off.  I keep looking for that perfect time to take the kids outside to go sledding but we seem to always be busy.   My husband and I had a workshop we had to attend for Habitat for Humanity on the day it snowed,  the day after grocery shopping.  


Speaking of  Habitat I’ve created a new blog called My Habitat Home.  I wanted someplace that is all about our home and not so much about my emotions on day to day life and since we are half way to getting our home I thought now was the perfect time.  On this new site you will be able to see our home from ground up.  There will be nothing else on this site but things concerning our home.


I created ablog for my son.  That was an idea brought out of necessity.  There are so many papers that we want to keep but they create clutter.  I thought what if I scan them and put them on a blog.  Then, I can throw out the originals because I will always have a copy.  I like to keep everything so this is good for me.  I’ll have to do the same for my other children. 


Not Just a Hero On TV


Greg Grunberg from Heroes isn’t a mind reader in real life but he is still a Hero.  His 12 year old son has epilepsy, which he has been living with  for five years.  Greg was joined by Epilepsy Advocates from around the country at the L.I.V.E. event in Seattle, WA to share their stories and educate and provide support to the community of people living with epilepsy in Seattle. 


Greg has joined forces with other families through UCB’s Epilepsy Advocate program, with a shared mission to encourage people living with epilepsy to refuse to be defined by it, and to expect and demand the best care.

The Epilepsy Advocate program aims to encourage people living with epilepsy to interact with other people who have had similar experiences, to learn from one another and to make positive changes in each other’s lives. The program is also designed to inspire people living with epilepsy to expect and demand the best care. It is sponsored by global bio-pharmaceutical leader, UCB, Inc., as part of the company’s commitment to families living with epilepsy.


There is an image which says about everything.   As someone who is all for children’s rights I feel this is an important site.  I can’t tell you what it’s about because I want to keep this site at a “G” rating but parental advisory is recommended.

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