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Proof Positivity: Toys That Are Safe

me17  Toys that are safe are important to us parents.  Recently, I threw out a bunch of Barbies made in  China.  More and more it seems child safety isn’t as important to large toy manufacturers as it once was.  These toy manufacturers that were once American and had safety regulations placed on them, now are in places where the regulations aren’t up to the high standards that we were used to.  Toys with lead paint in them has become an issue, one that I myself am not willing to risk.  I now look on the boxes to see where my child’s toy is made.  I hold nothing against any country but I love my children and the past speaks for itself. 

Timethief from One Cool Site: WordPress Blogging Tips and This Time This Space  pointed me to a discussion on BC.  “HealthyToys.org  is an ever-growing database maintained by the non-profit Ecology Center, which, along with other research groups, uses X-ray technology to detect lead, PVC (polyvinyl chloride, aka the poison plastic), and a few other heavy metals and chemicals, in both plastic and wood toys. Healthy Toys just released its latest tests on 1,500 toys and found that lead was present in 20 percent of them, with kid’s jewelry having the highest levels, and PVC was used in 27 percent. On the positive side, the Center noticed a 50-percent reduction in toys with elevated lead levels in this year’s tests over last year’s.”

Timethief listed a few other sites for safe toys:  Rosie Hippo, Oompa, Moolka.com, The Green Guide, and GenGreen life.

Here are a few of my own suggestions: If you are the crafty sort and your clothes are too out of shape to send off to a second hand store why not save them and make a toy out of them.  Go to an appliance store and ask them for large cardboard boxes.  Bring them home staple, them tape them, whatever it takesThen have your children decorate it with markers, crayons, tempra paint, fabric, and even rope to make a playhouse. You can make puppets and kids don’t mind that you made these things.  Most children only care about brand name toys because of the commercials on tv.   My own kids will play with an empty pop bottle and be perfectly happy.


You can also sign a petition to ban toxic phthalates “Earlier this year, Congress passed a tough new law that would make it illegal to sell lead and chemically tainted children’s products. But now, some companies are saying they can’t meet the deadline – and they want to keep selling some of their toxic children’s toys after they’re supposed to stop!”

 Please be informed if you are to sign this petition here is a sight that is against the petition.

Helping Children out a Big Lots

Big Lots, the nation’s largest broadline closeout retailer, will spread holiday cheer as it helps the U.S. Marines and Santa deliver toys to needy children across the country.

“Providing toys to children in need is one of the true joys of the season,” said CEO Steve Fishman. “Our partnership with Toys for Tots enables us to bring hope and happiness to families across America.”

Big Lots has been a loyal corporate sponsor of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Campaign since 1994, holding  toy collection drives at local stores. The company also provides special discounted pricing on new toys to the Toys for Tots Foundation through its Granted Wishes Program.

The Big Lots Toys for Tots drive, along with other donations, helped the Foundation distribute over 20 million new toys to needy youngsters last year.

“Over the years, Big Lots has helped us ensure that millions of deserving children could experience the thrill of unwrapping a special gift during the holidays,” said Lieutenant General H. P. Osman, USMC (Ret.), Marine Toys for Tots Foundation President & CEO. “Their contributions and leadership over the past 14 years have made a positive difference in lives of many families.”

This year,  the Foundation has experienced a dramatic increase in toy requests. “More people will be turning to Toys for Tots to help them deliver the magic of the season,” said Rob Claxton, Big Lots Senior VP of Marketing. “We want to make it as easy as possible for the American public to join us in making sure that every child has a present from Santa under the tree.”

Through December 24, Big Lots customers and associates can drop their gift of a new toy into the familiar Toys for Tots donation barrels at many of the 1,300+ Big Lots locations nationwide. Even though Big Lots has a non-solicitation policy at all of its stores, the company is proud to continue its tradition of community service through strategic alliances with national non-profit organizations such as Toys for Tots and The Salvation Army.


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  1. Thanks for taking part in the discussion and especially for composing this post. I appreciate the link love. May you and your family be safe, warm and happy throughout the holiday and the whole year round. 🙂

  2. No, problem. This site is on a deadline because the news is up to date unless I’m highlighting a community service organization. Just gave me quick content. 🙂 I didn’t even see your message until 8:00 AM my time.

  3. By the way you too meant to say that before. Had a kid singing saprano in my ear. 🙂

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