Proof Positivity: Time To Prepare For The New Year


With the new year resolutions are made.  I’ve come to the resolution not to make resolutions.  That has been the only one I am able to keep.  When I am making the decision to lose weight I am going to do that when I feel ready to do so otherwise I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure.   

If you  want to get a little more bang for your buck then you have to learn to manage your money.  If you’re in debt I suggest Consumer Credit Conseling.   I would not consider what my family is in in debt.  Most of our bills are in medical expenses and we just finished paying off a lot of back debt.  You can get out of debt without a counselor.  Here is how we did it.  First, we had to figure out what we owe.  We did this from getting a credit check that covers all three of the major credit companies TransUnion, Eqifax, and Experian.  There will be phone numbers of different  agencies call them and begin negotiating.  Don’t just accept your $1,000 bill.  You are in debt and can’t pay your bills to begin with.  These people have been looking at your debt for so long that they truly don’t expect you to pay any of it.  Get them to knock the debt down to half that cost or more.  I’ve done 50% but I’ve heard stories of people who only had 10% of the bill to pay.  Once you are done with negotiations be sure to get the agreement in writing.  In some areas laws are geared toward the bill collector and not the consumer.  The written agreement will help keep you from getting into further financial trouble.  They like to pull some sneaky things on people to make you pay the full bill even after the agreement is made.   Verbal word is hearsay and you can’t prove that that was the agreement made.  Written word can prove your case.


Credit cards need to be thrown out.  You don’t need to keep racking up the bill and they overcharge anyway.  Saving money for a big purchase is what you are supposed to do.  You need to think to yourself ” Is this a want or a need?”  What you need are food, clothing, shelter, and water.  Anything beyond that is a want.  Applying for more credit cards is bad.  If you can’t get a card and you keep applying and applying this affects your score.  Saving up is the best way to go.


Friendship Has A Lot To Do With Charity


In Nora, Sweden An international book project brought about by Norwegian charity, Echo 2012 aiming at portraying children’s views on friendship has been launched under the auspices of Swedish publishing group, Bombadil Publishing.

   Children from 27 countries are joining together in an unusual project to write and illustrate to the topic of  “What does a friend do?”  The book will be translated into 12 languages and takes an active look into the idea of friendship, promotes the idea of camaraderie and communication between people of all ages. There are 27 participating countries in this event.


   The proceeds from the book sales will be spent helping participating charity partners in their work in promoting global friendship through understanding and communication as well as on combating illiteracy.
Part of the revenue will also be distributed as royalties among the contributing youth authors and artists in accordance with Bombadil Publishing’s policy.


   The book is estimated to sell in excess of three million copies and its preliminary release date of September 2009 will be preceded and succeeded by charity festivals, exhibitions and various friendship and knowledge enhancing
activities for young people.

   Bombadil Publishing is a  youth-to-youth publisher with headquarters in Sweden and has been revolutionising children’s approach to reading since its foundation just over a year ago by allowing them to take a
leading part in the literary and commercial process of book creation. Bombadil Publishing publishes books written by young people for young people, with the aim of allowing them to share their stories, visions and dreams.  Bombadil Publishing is proud to be associated with Echo 2012’s efforts to spread global friendship and understanding through communication, and sees its participation in this project as a manifestation of the endeavour to promote, encourage and endorse young people’s interest in books and their strive for democracy through freedom of thought.

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