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me20I’m running late this morning I just wanted to stay in bed.  Here at Proof Positivity I was on vacation and it threw me off. 


Walk For Your Kidneys

In EL SEGUNDO, California  an effort to raise money for The Kidney TRUST, a nonprofit organization aimed at prevention and awareness of chronic kidney disease (CKD),DaVita Inc., announced  the 3rd annual “Kidney Awareness Time” Walk-a-thon (The KAT Walk) reached more than 250,000 people, and raised more than $100,000 for CKD education programs.

This year’s DaVita KAT Walks Across America, a series of 5k walks designed to raise awareness and funds to fight chronic kidney disease, took place in 20 cities across the U.S. and offered free kidney disease evaluations and screenings courtesy of The Kidney TRUST.  Each 5k walk represents about 16,900 steps, totaling 337,900 steps traveled — roughly equivalent to the number of Americans receiving dialysis treatment for kidney failure today.

“The spirit of the walkers was amazing — gathering in all parts of the country to walk together and make a personal contribution to the fight against kidney disease. These dedicated individuals spent countless hours preparing for the walks, while raising money for the fight against kidney disease,” said Barbara L. Lawson, President of The Kidney TRUST. “All of us at The Kidney TRUST are so pleased and proud to be the beneficiary of their efforts, which will support the expansion of The Kidney TRUST’s CKD rapid-screening program currently rolling out around the U.S.”

Of the 26 million Americans with CKD, only 10 percent are aware they have the disease. Most people do not know they have CKD because early stages of the illness rarely manifest symptoms. This lack of awareness is a major reason for undertaking the DaVita KAT Walks and provides participants with the motivation and desire to educate and inform the general public. The walkers want people to know the importance of getting tested early, rather than waiting until the disease hits a late stage, requiring dialysis care or a kidney transplant.

“Our 32,000 teammates are dedicated to helping patients with chronic kidney disease not only in our dialysis centers, but within their communities as well. Thousands of our DaVita teammates raised over $100,000 for CKD awareness and education programs,” said Kent Thiry, DaVita Chairman and CEO. “We are encouraged by the success of the 2008 KAT Walks and are committed to doing even more in 2009.”

Early testing and detection gives those with CKD an opportunity to delay the disease or possibly avoid the onset of life-threatening kidney failure, which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant because there is no cure for CKD. In addition, those at high risk for CKD can help protect their kidneys by controlling high blood pressure, maintaining their blood sugar, drinking lots of water and consuming a healthy diet.

A  Jump in Labrador Retriever Adoptions Expected

A  feature film for animal lovers, 20th Century Fox’s Marley & Me, hit theaters on Christmas Day. Recent history shows the popularity of “Marley” will lead to an increase in Labrador retrievers being acquired.  Unfortunately, many of them might soon be surrendered to shelters and breed-rescue groups nationwide as families find out this particular breed just wasn’t the right fit for their lifestyle. Similar upticks in animal acquisitions happened after films such as Beethoven, 101 Dalmatians and even the more recent Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

The American Humane Association and 20th Century Fox have launched a public-awareness campaign about the increased relinquishment of specific breeds of animals after they have been featured in blockbuster movies. Too many dogs are given up after reality sets in about how much responsibility or care they require, or that their needs are diametrically different than the person or families who acquired them.

American Humane and 20th Century Fox want people to know that when it comes to getting a pet, they should consider adopting from the millions of animals that end up in shelters each year.

“American Humane is working collaboratively with 20th Century Fox on vital animal issues and we’re particularly excited about our combined efforts to raise national awareness about the importance of adopting animals from shelters and breed-rescue groups,” said Marie Belew Wheatley, president and CEO of American Humane.

The main dog that plays “Marley” in the film is, himself, a dog from a rescue – proving that great dogs can be found at our nation’s shelters. In the movie, “Marley” chews, shreds and wreaks havoc, but his unconditional love inspires.

This isn’t so far fetched.  In my own life time I’ve had many puppies and the excuse “The dog ate my homework”  Is very possible. 

“In the case of the dog in Marley & Me, what you see is what you might get,” said Wheatley. “It’s important for potential pet owners to keep this in mind when deciding whether to adopt a dog.”

When adopting an animal, American Humane suggests people research specific dog breeds to ensure the new pet will fit their lifestyle. Before adopting a Labrador, American Humane encourages people to determine whether a Lab is right for them.

 Just the Lab Facts:
 —  Labs are the most popular breed in the U.S.
 —  They can develop slowly and continue puppy-like behavior even past age
 —  Labs can be wonderful companion dogs for active families.
 —  Many animal shelters and rescues have a large variety of Lab mixes
     available for adoption.
 —  Black Labs and Lab mixes tend to be adopted less often than other
 —  Labs are multi-talented and can excel in animal-assisted therapy,
     swimming, retrieving and much more.


Please be informed when you adopt a pet.   It’s not fair to the animal to have a nice home and then have the home taken away.

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