Proof Positivity: Happy New Year!

meHappy New Year!  May your year be filled with joy, happiness, and laughter.  Some of my most memorable moments of the year is what this post is about.

Defining moments was about something that was the beginning of this site.  I am forever grateful for those who contributed to what PP is today.

I interviewed Thriftshopromantic, Lisa Smith-Batchen, Rhonda Feder from Cradles to Crayons which was my first interview at this new site.

Spoke with a woman who was making a huge difference in a little boys life.  Spoke to the mother of a little boy who gave his brand new bike to a fire victim.

Then I had a few guest writers Kevin Goodman, Amber, Ark of Hope, Nardeeisms was a guest writer as well but for the life of me I can’t find it.

Had a wonderful review.   My top post continues to be a message of hope.  These are the posts that made a huge difference to myself and you as well.  In this new year I hope this site continues to bring happiness and inspires you to be the most positive you can be.

How Do You Spell Relief?

This is so quirky I had to post this.  Most public venues have port-a-potties but not the ringing in of the new year in New York.  830

The millions who attended the New Year’s Eve ball drop were asked by police to stay in their designated area starting at 3 PM. The city does’nt provide potable public restrooms for the festivities and nearby bars and restaurants limit their facilities to customers only and often close early in the evening. Due to the confined situation, some tourists have admitted to wearing diapers to the event, while others have resorted to using bottles to relieve themselves. 

Charmin chose to open their 20 restrooms to offer relief to the many individuals and families who had been waiting for hours to see the ball drop.

“We hope to continue providing this gift to tourists and New Yorkers because we know how difficult it is to find a public restroom in the heart of the busiest city in the world during New Years Eve,” stated Jacques Hagopian, brand manager for Charmin.

More than one million consumers worldwide have experienced the 20 deluxe, ADA compliant, family-friendly public restrooms that are free and fully staffed with attendants to clean each stall after every use. Additional luxuries include baby changing stations, stroller parking, seating areas, flat screen televisions, Charmin retail boutique, and new family photo area equipped with printing station.